Every now and then the SendokGarpu team organizes culinary events. These pop-up events take place in different locations and deal with different topics. Whether the focus is on a specific region or an entire culture, every event is unique. The spotlight is always on good food.
Here you can find out about our future events and get an impression of the past events.

Cooking Classes

Would  you like to get to know Indonesian cuisine in particular or Asian cuisine in general? We can help you! We would be happy to reveal the secrets of Indonesian cuisine for you. Learn how the exotic spices are processed and learn the techniques of Southeast Asian cooking. We do not have our own location where we offer cooking courses. However, we have some partner locations in which we conduct the cooking courses. We are also happy to come to your home and cook with you in a familiar environment. Invite your best friends and enjoy the time together. From time to time we also organize our own cooking courses. Here you can find out when the next course takes place.


Are you planning a party and looking for a special culinary treat? You've found the perfect partner. With the Indonesian cuisine you will serve your guests culinary delights not to be found every day. Alongside this, our team also cooks excellent Japanese and Thai dishes. Our trained event planner will also be happy to assist you when it comes to decorating or organizing your event. We would be happy to send you some menu suggestions tailored to your event.