Date: 17.05.2019     Time: 19.00 until 23:00

Venue: DasProvisorium, Zurich



SOY&SYNTH Zürich special “Taste of Indonesia” initiated by two Indonesian gastronomy entities: Soydivision from Berlin and Sendokgarpu from Zürich. This event is the first collaboration between the two, merging their signature pop-up events Soy&Synth (Soydivision) and Taste of Indonesia (Sendok garpu).



is the series of pop up experiences, where innovative Indonesian inspired suppers meet experimental music live performance. Since 2016, it has carried the motto of

“Forever tweaking frequencies for your tongue 👅 and ears 👂”. Taste of Indonesia is an Indonesia pop-up dining event series in Zürich, where every event is an authentic experience of Indonesian culture and cuisine from different regions in Indonesia. It emphasizes that everything is made from

scratch and everything is natural, absolutely beautiful and authentically delicious. It nourishes tradition in the modern beautiful world we live in.


About Soydivision

Soydivision is a progressive gastronomic experiment founded by Indonesian born, sound artist, sustainability activist, and human centered designer Ariel William Orah. With this format he is trying to manifest his curiosity and obsession with making food as a celebration and medium of expression. The set up usually incorporates Asian fusion cuisine, communal environment, and live analog synthesizer set. Soydivision is a part of Innovation, design thinking and art collective Luftmenschen.