BAL-I-STANBUL: Mystic Kitchen

Date: 16.05.2020     Time: 19.00 until 22:30

Venue: Sherly's Kitchen, Zurich

Have you ever tried the flavors of the lively city Istanbul? Or experienced Indonesian food of heavenly Bali? Your answer could be “yes”, but we bet that you've never tried both cuisines in one creation. It comes from the magical question of creativity “WHY NOT?". So, we have created a unique and eclectic menu for our special pop-up dining event BAL-i-STANBUL


BAL-i-STANBUL is a culinary celebration of east and west with an experimental approach. Istanbul is the heart of Anatolian cuisine (we call it not only Turkish but Anatolian cuisine, because it is a combination of different cuisines). Geographical and historical conditions make the city a modern gastronomy metropolis that reflects Balkan, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. It brings west and east together.


Like Istanbul, Indonesian cuisine has also an eclectic character. Indonesia’s geographic isolation and economic wealth, especially the valuable spices found in the Maluku island group, made the country a magnet for merchants and settlers from Portugal and Holland, together with Arabs, Indian, and Chinese; all of whom have influenced the indigenous cultures, religions and food/eating habits. Indonesia is also recognized as the world’s largest archipelago making the cuisine so diverse, rich in flavor and colorful. Like Istanbul, Bali is the gastronomy center of the country’s cuisine. The two cuisines eclectic character enables us to create a unique Bal-i-stanbul menu. It combines an Indonesian main dish with an Anatolian side dish or re-creates an oriental Pilav with Indonesian ingredients. It creates a new taste that is surprising, balanced and delicious. 

The event will take place at Sherly`s Kitchen, a cozy home-setting dining room in the heart of Zurich. In the intimate atmosphere, the hosts are fully engaged with the guests and express the soul of their innovations. Enjoy your welcome drinks and nibbles while Ayu briefly describes Indonesian cuisine to the guests and presents the Indonesian exotic spices. Afterwards Bahar will reveal the secrets of Anatolian cuisine, explain the rituals and the spices. Finally, both of them will present their innovative fusion menu.